PACE pilot cohort: meet the learners!

About the PACE curriculum

In 2023, Pharmalys ( launched Pharmalys Academy of Clinical research Excellence, an international online training programme whose primary objective is to bridge the gap between learning and working to provide the clinical research sector with job-ready new comers.

The curriculum has been designed with stakeholders and experts of the sector, and is intended for young scientific graduates, people who aim at changing their career path and clinical research professionals who already have a full-time position, and who need to strengthen their knowledge and skills in clinical research. Read more Who is concerned? | PACE (

PACE training programme encompasses a 3-month course corresponding to nearly 300 hours of teaching and a 6-month internship in an organisation managing clinical trials. Read more PACE: live the learning experience | PACE (

For learners who already have a job, the programme covers the same topics with an appropriate organisation, allowing them to continue working while following the training course in parallel.

About the PACE pilot cohort

A PACE pilot cohort began in April 2023. Having completed the 3-month training course, our learners are currently gaining practical, hands on skills while they undertake their 6-month internship at Pharmalys. The feedback we received from the instructors and mentors of the learners were very positive, noting students motivation, interactivity and eagerness to apply what they have learnt during the first 3 months of the PACE programme.

The learners feedback about their instructors and the programme itself were also very positive in terms of quality and the high level of content within the programme, as well as the teachers and the mentors experience.

The constructive comments from both learners and instructors during the pilot cohort have helped us in improving the programme, tweaking areas such as interactivity during the course, and practical elements of the academic training.

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