Corporate Relations

Corporate Partnerships

A partnership in every sense of the word to boost the clinical research industry!
Many stakeholders of the clinical research industry have expressed concerns about the creeping skills shortage in the sector and its risk on the science based industry’s competitiveness and prosperity. This is a call to every stakeholders of the clinical research industry to participate in this innovative way of developing the required quality and number of skilled professionals.

The PACE sponsorship and internship programmes offer your organisation the chance to avoid being affected by the unprecedented staff shortfall and at the same time gain access to a pool of job-ready and committed collaborators that are hungry for showing their capabilities in a real professional life situation.

To strengthen the knowledge and skills of your staff, we propose the PACE apprenticeship programme. This programme allows your organisation to benefit from clinical professionals with advanced proficiencies in the clinical research sector.


For our students who can’t afford paying tuition fees for our programme, we are looking to establish corporate partnerships with companies and organisations that are committed to pay the fees instead.

This option offers huge advantages as, upon completion of the programme or in parallel, the employers can train their young employees to the company policy and compliance requirements in order to foster their integration into the organization.

Moreover, this solution is a way to decrease the internal turn-over of clinical research staff, meaning as a return on investment, employers could contract with their sponsored students for several years.


For our learners to gain the on-the-job professional experience and further improve their learning, we are looking at establishing corporate partnerships with organisations that would like to offer them placements or permanent positions.

Placements benefit both the young professionals who can then fully develop and progress in a clinical research career and the organisation who gets well prepared and highly committed people at a fraction of the costs of a typical hire.

Throughout the internship, our learners are enrolled in a mentoring programme which provides them additional support from experienced CRAs and Project Managers in case they need it while performing their routine tasks. Each intern’s dedicated mentor is in direct contact with the corporate partner if required to ensure the best fit between the intern and the organisation.

Another service offered to our corporate partners is that they can request a specific pre-intern preparation which focuses on their product pipeline, therapeutic indications of interest or internal procedures to shorten the intern’s in house training.


We understand the importance of investing in the growth and professionalism of your organisation’s team. The Pharmalys Academy of Clinical research Excellence (PACE) training programme is an exclusive opportunity for clinical research professionals and can be completed alongside a full-time role.

We invite stakeholders of the clinical research sector who are committed to excellence to consider sponsoring your employees for this high-level training programme. The unique curriculum, developed in collaboration with clinical research experts, is designed to elevate skills, knowledge, and practical experience within the industry.

The PACE programme has been adapted for full time professionals, allowing learners to complete the course in parallel to their full-time position, resembling an apprenticeship model.

PACE is a valuable resource for nurturing the growth and expertise of your clinical research team. 

Direct recruitment

Corporate partners can also benefit from our support to identify the most suitable candidate(s) among our learners to fill their vacancies.

Industry experts

To enrich our instructor-led training format, we constantly search for clinical research experts who love to share their knowledge, skills and professional tips with our students. Each organisation can truly contribute to the growth of a skilled workforce by providing subject matter experts who can either take part in the classroom training phase or be mentors during the internship period.

PACE has a comprehensive Corporate Relations Team which is the recipe for success of our Corporate Partnerships. We work closely with our partner organisations to coordinate the placement of our students in internship positions, to implement a sponsorship when necessary, to find the most appropriate candidate according to our partners’ needs, and to look for new instructors to enrich our programme.

We welcome any other approaches from organisations that have specific requirements related to training of their clinical research personnel.

Organisations that are interested in partnering with us, are invited to contact our Corporate Relations Team via email at