About PACE

Who we are

PACE is the Pioneer developer of an innovative professional and developmental programme in clinical research. We have developed a unique learning experience that tightly integrates online interactive classrooms and practical experience via true internships to deliver job ready clinical research professionals.



PACE has been developed by Pharmalys, a global contract research organisation that specialises in human health research. Set up in 2008 in the UK, Pharmalys has since expanded its services into the sub-Saharan regions with Operational Headquarters based in Dakar, Senegal. As a Pharmalys subsidiary, we are uniquely positioned to deliver such professionals thanks to a strong experience in clinical research and a thorough understanding of our industry, its stakeholders, its development trends and human resources needs. Our top management’s impressive expertise in the management of clinical trials enables us to define which skills and knowledge are required from competent clinical research professionals.


We are therefore proud about the high standard curriculum we have developed with the input from experts and employers from the sector.