PACE: a programme taught by professionals for future professionals

Distinguished instructors and speakers

The programme is delivered by highly qualified instructors who have years of experience in clinical research. We have purposely selected our instructors from the world so that their international experience can be shared with the learners, whether they come from the US, Europe, Asia or Africa. The students will form close-knit relationships with them and the instructors will challenge and inspire the learners to expand their knowledge and to develop critical thinking skills that they will apply to their daily work as clinical research professionals

Having the programme delivered by field experts gives the learners the exclusive opportunity to get practical, real-life case-studies and behind-the-scenes insights which are not usually provided in a typical academic course.

The power of interactivity

Live online training accelerates and broadens knowledge by enriching the learning experience not only via stimulation and emulation among peers but also because instructors can help the learners achieve their full potential when they are able to interact with them and take the learners outside their comfort zone to make the learning real and pertinent. 

To enhance the whole learning process, we have incorporated skills practice and coaching through the use of role-playing, real-world case study activities, and interactive simulations.

While with us, the learners will connect with an exceptional range of experiences, individuals, and opportunities and benefit from close peer-to-peer and student-to-instructor interactions, small-group collaboration and one-to-one coaching. We also promote diversity in our classrooms to encourage a lively exchange of different points of view, bringing valuable perspectives.

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