Corporate Relations


Building the skilled workforce needed for today and tomorrow’s clinical research industry is PACE focus.
We are a privately-owned company ruled by a board of experts from the clinical research and pharmaceutical industries. Considering the long-lasting shortage of experienced clinical research professionals worldwide, we believe that only a continuous and steady stream of properly trained incomers can fill the existing gap and get the sector prepared for its continually expanding needs.


Our developmental programme has been thought carefully for its relevance to the current industry’s needs.
We have developed our high standards curriculum with the input from industry experts and employers.

Contrary to most clinical research courses which are either lecture oriented only or too short to deliver meaningful content, PACE programme entails both education and training and is the only programme to provide 3 months of extensive hands-on training.

And, it is not only about technical skills. Various specific soft skills are of paramount importance for clinical research professionals; so we have given them a significant space in the programme.

We employ highly experienced industry-led instructors and enrich our programme with top experts in clinical research in order to provide our students real-world insights.

Upon completion of the 3-month session, PACE programme includes a compulsory 6-month professional internship within an organisation that runs clinical trials whether in the public or private sector. By being exposed to real-life situations, our students are able to sharpen their skills and further develop themselves as future experts in their fields.

At PACE, we are committed to excellence and proud of producing immediately operational clinical research professionals.