About PACE

Our teaching approach

By working with small groups of students and incorporating an extensive range of academic methods such as lectures, group projects, problem-solving sessions, case studies, PACE creates a learning environment that embarks our learners from day one and leads them to success. 

We have preferred interactive online classes and workshops as we want to make sure our learners are active participants in their learning experience, and not just observers or listeners. So, PACE programme engages the students through daily interactions with their instructors and peers, and encourages them to be challenged in their approach which is paramount to improve their knowledge and expertise for the job.

The classroom part of PACE programme lasts 3 months as we want our students to gain meaningful knowledge. We do not believe that anything shorter would be adequate to prepare job-ready young professionals for a demanding industry.

By choosing qualified professionally-oriented instructors with diverse backgrounds and experiences, we focus on invaluable real-world insight and facilitate sharing of professional tips.

By inviting renowned and distinguished international experts to participate in our programme, we enhance the breadth, depth and quality of our teaching that help our students develop their full potential as clinical research professionals.

Diversity is something we celebrate as a core value of ours. We believe that an international platform where each participant whether a student or an instructor brings their unique story makes PACE programme truly special as it shapes a richer educational environment for our learners.

To make sure PACE programme continues to meet employers’ needs, we continuously update the content of the courses to always reflect current regulations and good practice in the sector.

All these ingredients blend nicely to give PACE its uniqueness.