Newsletter November 2023

Introducing Pharmalys Academy of Clinical research Excellence (PACE)!


The team at Pharmalys are thrilled to announce the launch of PACE, an innovative academic training programme aimed at bridging the gap between learning and working through interactive courses and practical, hands-on experience. The first PACE pilot cohort is ongoing since 3rd April 2023.

Pharmalys, a commitment to excellence

Pharmalys Home ( has demonstrated a commitment to excellence in clinical research since its establishment in the UK in 2008. With the opening of its second headquarters in Dakar, Senegal in 2012, the company has maintained a consistent focus on aiming to share its high standards and quality practices with the African clinical research community and stakeholders. In addition to offering standard services provided by Contract Research Organisations (CROs), such as clinical monitoring, project management, medical affairs, regulatory affairs, feasibility assessments, site identification, and quality assurance, to name but a few, Pharmalys also evaluates laboratory compliance with Good Clinical Laboratory Practice (GCLP) standards in Asia, Europe, Africa, and the USA. This comprehensive approach ensures that the highest quality standards are met throughout the clinical research process. Pharmalys is also actively involved in capacity building initiatives in Africa. The company delivers programmes to strengthen ethics committees, regulatory authorities, and clinical sites across the continent. Through these efforts, Pharmalys aims at enhancing the knowledge, expertise, and capabilities of African clinical research stakeholders. The company’s commitment to capacity development in Africa is further exemplified by being awarded seven grants by the European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP) These grants support Pharmalys’ initiatives for capacity building in clinical research, contributing to the growth and sustainability of the clinical research ecosystem in Africa through knowledge reinforcement, expertise upgrading and workforce training.

Pharmalys Academy of Clinical research Excellence (PACE)

PACE | Pharmalys Academy of Clinical research Excellence ( In April 2023, Pharmalys launched the Pharmalys Academy of Clinical research Excellence (PACE), a comprehensive professional training programme aimed at scientific graduates Who is concerned? | PACE ( PACE offers an international training course spanning nine months, consisting of three months of online courses and six months of internship experience in an organisation involved in clinical trials management. The online courses in the first three months of the programme deliver high-standard academic modules and real-world practice. These courses are conducted live to ensure that learners receive optimal support and interactivity. By providing live classes, PACE aims at creating an engaging learning environment where learners can actively participate, ask questions, and collaborate with instructors and fellow learners. The second part of the training programme involves a six-month internship, offering learners the opportunity to gain practical experience in an organisation that conducts and manages clinical trials. This internship component allows learners to apply the knowledge and skills acquired during the academic modules, further enhancing their understanding of the clinical research process. PACE’s curriculum has been developed with input from various stakeholders within the clinical research sector PACE: live the learning experience | PACE (, demonstrating a commitment to addressing employers’ needs in terms of clinical operations knowledge, practical experience, and collaborative skills. By incorporating the insights and requirements of industry experts, employers, and other relevant stakeholders, PACE ensures that its programme is aligned with the expectations and demands of the professional world of clinical research. The programme is designed to go beyond theoretical learning and provide a transformative and high-impact learning experience. PACE aims at equipping learners not only with an academic certification but also with practical knowledge and experience that will be highly valuable in the professional world of clinical research. By focusing on practical application, hands-on experience, and collaboration, PACE prepares learners to enter the industry with the necessary skills and competencies. The programme recognises that employers value candidates who can immediately contribute to their organisations and make a meaningful impact.

Highly positive feedback

The current cohort has been active since 3rd April 2023 and we are thrilled to share we have received highly positive feedback thus far. The positive responses received from the cohort help reinforce the commitment to delivering a valuable and impactful learning experience. Have a look at a PACE learner’s interview: Cinthia’s video interview | PACE ( The enthusiasm and engagement from the instructors involved in the PACE initiative has also been highlighted, which plays a crucial role in creating an interactive and dynamic learning environment. Their understanding of the importance of interactivity between instructors and learners contributes to the overall effectiveness of the programme. By actively involving learners in the learning process, the instructors facilitate better comprehension and engagement. The recognisable development of hands-on workshops and practical exercises by the instructors is a commendable approach to solidifying the learning experience. These activities provide learners with opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills in a practical setting, reinforcing their understanding and retention of the materials. The acknowledgement by learners of the usefulness of these activities further highlights their effectiveness in enhancing the learning process. Read more: Marianne Slotboom shares her experience as a PACE instructor | PACE (

We are open to partnerships!

Regarding the shortage of experienced clinical research professionals worldwide, addressing this shortage requires a continuous influx of well-trained individuals who can fill the existing gap and meet the expanding needs of the sector. The PACE programme recognises this need and aims at contributing to the development of a skilled workforce in the field of clinical research. PACE goes beyond providing technical professional skills and also focuses on the development of soft skills, which are essential for professional success in any career path. Effective communication, assertiveness, problem-solving techniques, and time management are some of the key soft skills that learners in the PACE programme receive training on. These skills enhance their ability to collaborate, adapt, and excel in their professional roles. The PACE sponsorship and internship programmes offer a unique opportunity for organisations to hire highly skilled junior professionals and potentially retain them for several years. By participating in these programmes, corporate partners can benefit from the training and expertise that PACE provides to its learners. The direct recruitment option further facilitates the identification of suitable candidates from the PACE programme to fill specific vacancies within corporate partner organisations. This collaborative approach between PACE and corporate partners helps address the shortage of experienced professionals by providing a pipeline of well-trained individuals who are equipped with both technical and soft skills necessary for success in the clinical research industry. It not only benefits the learners by offering valuable employment opportunities but also provides organisations with access to a pool of qualified talent. For more information about corporate partnerships and the benefits they offer, click here: Corporate Partnerships | PACE ( You can also follow us on our Social Media channels, or visit our website to keep up to date with the latest news on PACE.