Introducing Pharmalys Academy of Clinical research Excellence!

Pharmalys CRO ( is delighted to announce the Pharmalys Academy of Clinical research Excellence (PACE) programme (PACE | Pharmalys Academy of Clinical research Excellence (, a recently developed academic training programme aimed at bridging the gap between learning and working through interactive courses and practical, hands-on experience. PACE has been developed to enable learners to achieve their full potential and establish their professional career in the clinical research (CR) industry.

Our response to the clinical research industry’s increasing demand for experienced staff and highly trained newcomers

The past several years have seen rapid growth within the clinical trial sector. With an ever-growing number of new studies and patients recruited, an ever-growing demand for new staff within the sector follows, affecting numerous countries irrespective of their socioeconomic positioning. The World Health Organization (WHO) recently announced an additional 10 million health workers will be needed by 2030, predominantly in low and lower-middle income countries. With the advancement in regulations – due to the increasingly complex scientific hypotheses tested through clinical trials – there is a heightened requirement for a more qualified workforce, from experienced health professionals to highly trained CR newcomers.


As an international CR organisation affected by a CR professional shortage for several years, Pharmalys CRO has developed a programme which will offer training within the CR sector. Our objective is to train learners in CR to a high standard and prepare them for their first professional role in CR. Learners of PACE will be trained to use international guidelines, to apply the highest quality standards in the field, and to complete hands-on training which will equip them with job-ready experience. Our current pilot cohort is ongoing since 3rd April 2023.


Our training programme offers comprehensive, practical learning with engaging exercises, real-life scenarios & role plays, and maintained interactivity between instructors and learners. We believe these are the key areas to effectively prepare learners and provide them with both strong academic knowledge and technical expertise in the CR sector. Our goal is to ensure our learners qualify from our programme not only with an academic certification, but the practical knowledge and experience to enter into the professional world of CR.


PACE training programme fits employers’ needs

Our international training programme (PACE | Pharmalys Academy of Clinical research Excellence ( has been carefully curated to deliver the most effective standard of education to our learners. The programme is divided into two parts, a 3 month online course which incorporates high standard academic modules and real world practice, followed by a 6 month internship within an organisation managing clinical trials. During the course, classes will be conducted live to ensure our learners receive the highest quality support and interactivity, enabling them to progress to great lengths throughout the course.

The PACE curriculum has been developed with the influence of various stakeholders within the sector, including industry experts, subject matter experts and employers (PACE: live the learning experience | PACE ( We are confident our programme has been curated in a way which responds to employers’ needs in terms of clinical operations knowledge, practical experience and collaborative skills (PACE: a programme taught by professionals for future professionals | PACE (

Excellence is our creed

We launched the PACE pilot cohort in April 2023, allowing us to collate feedback from learners and instructors with first-hand experience and observation. Our mission is to use the feedback we receive to enhance the PACE curriculum and ensure our programme offers learners the best training and education, ultimately bridging the gap between learning and working, while guiding them to their professional careers in CR.

Call for partnership

If you are a stakeholder of the CR industry, the PACE sponsorship and internship programmes (Corporate Partnerships | PACE ( offer your organisation an opportunity to access employable, skilled CR professionals, opening doors to a number of learners educated to a high level, eager and ready to enter an industry in need of their capabilities.

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