Arsène Dombou shares his experience in the Pharmalys Academy of Clinical research Excellence training programme

Clinical research is my passion


My name is Arsène Dombou and I am from Cameroon in Central Africa.

In 2021, I received my Master’s degree in Epidemiology and Public Health from the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Dschang.

During my studies, I learnt all about the fundamentals of clinical research. This knowledge enabled me to join diverse professional teams dedicated to implementation research projects.

I am eager to work within the clinical research industry, and I am grateful to have been selected to participate in the first PACE pilot cohort.


The PACE programme is a professional international programme in clinical research


The PACE programme has exceeded my expectations. This curriculum aligns perfectly with my professional objectives and offers me an unparalleled opportunity to progress towards my career goal.

While the 3-month academic programme is intensive, it is also very well organised with a carefully considered course calendar. What sets PACE apart is the diversity of instructors and subject matter experts who deliver the classes. Their real world insights and expertise have added great value to my learning experience.  It has been a pleasure to be involved in the PACE programme so far.

When I began the online training journey, I had a few reservations about potential technical issues I may face. I have not had to worry about this, as the PACE Learning Management System has proven to be both efficient and reliable, without any issues or bugs.

I would like to thank the entire PACE team, including the dedicated instructors and mentors, for their unwavering support and the individualised attention they have provided for me during my learning experience so far. I look forward to beginning my career in clinical research!

Arsène Dombou, PACE learner.